Women collect money from male friends but don’t want their boyfriend to take food from his female friends – Nigerian man observes

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A Nigerian man by the name Samuel Anjorin has observed women accept money with glee from the male besties but present their boyfriends from accepting food gifts from their female friends.

Samuel claims by this act, ladies are very hypocritical and it’s something he’s not happy about. His post soon caught fire owing to how controversial it appeared and other netizens joined in the conversation.

Samuel wrote; ”Women don’t want their men getting food cooked from other female friends or gifts but they receive money from their male friends. Tssk.”

See reactions;

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@shallybabyyy said; My male friend giving me money doesn’t mean anything- there’s no intention other than being generous. Your female friend cooking for you means there’s silly intention.

@Odogwu_Nomso; I have a theory that Women don’t trust other Women around their Men sha, maybe cos they know what they are capable of 👍 Don’t attack me it’s just my theory 🙌 🙏

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@challyben_; A.j if you don’t want your gf receiving random gifts from men, soro soke and tell her. Don’t be here been hypocritical and be like that, you communicate.

@p_romah; You can’t even give your female frnd money without your woman flaring up if she finds out. Buh she can collect from her male frnds…

@jojoLif; I so much hate when my lady collects money from guys.

@CharmingAda; Lol. Why can’t u also collect money from ur female friends? Na food wey no sweet wey jaruma lotion dey inside u wan collect. Isokay.

@pee_deevah; She better buy him gifts than cooked food.

@BiobsALonge; Cooking takes a significant amount of time and effort…so you can’t be doing it unprovoked if motives no dey. Rarely will someone throw money at you so freely…because motives sef dey. Both parties shouldn’t form naive and unassuming…especially women.

@BibilolaO; What is my own? He should sha remain food for me and the food should be sweet…

@bigmama_adah; Do men want other male friends to give cooked food or gift to their women? Will men collect money from other female friends? There goes your answer.

@Ellahhhh_; Lol. It’s just about trust. Lol he’s not a palliative that he’d be stolen. He has a mind of his own. Some might give him green light w that. It’s just common sense, commitment. And nothing gets between you too. Na them Dey waste money.

@chiamakadk; Tbh, both of them are weird. If a guy is sending a babe money when it’s not asked for/when it’s not her birthday, just know that he sees your babe as game.

And for the ladies, with the stress that comes with cooking, no way a babe would just do it without strings attached.

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