Women of Prophet Badu Kobi’s church react as majority refuse to attend church (+ photo

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Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of Glorious Wave Chapel recently resurrected old wounds when he advised single men to stay away from marrying Ashanti women via sermon delivery.

Not only did the man of God preached to demean women of Ashanti but Fante women too had a fair share of his demeaning sermon. Consequently, Prophet Badu Kobi has been advised to apologize but he thinks otherwise.

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Perhaps his idea to stick to his demeaning sermon is having a drastic impact on his church all other things being equal. This is because attendance in his church has started reducing especially on the part of women.

In a live Facebook video on the church’s Facebook page during his usual Thursday service, hundreds of empty seats were spotted at his church which rarely happens.

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During the live Facebook streaming at his church, only 25 people were watching online, a clear indication that the man of God’s ethnocentric comments didn’t go down well the majority of women in his church.

Check the screenshot below:

Glorious Wave Church Ministry
Glorious Wave Church Ministry


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