Women Only Like To Date Men Who Have Money and Are Good in Bed (+VIDEO)

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Mr. Yaw Sarpong, who sells A man who sells Ghana-made and used shoes has spoken about the caliber of men that ladies of today are interested in dating.

Apparently, women love money more than Ghana’s government.

In an interview with Browngh TV’s In his opinion First Lady on the ‘Adwuma Adwuma’, females these days prefer to date men who have money and are skilled in the bedroom.

When asked about his marital status, he replied saying that he was currently single and was waiting to be financially stable before starting up a family. This is because, women are easily swayed by luxury and may leave their partners for men who are wealthier.

Although he is living with his current girlfriend, he is not oblivious to the fact that she could easily make up her mind to leave him and live with another man who has more money than he does. Hence, his desire to build some more wealth.

He also highlighted that bedroom business is also very important to women.


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