“Women Who Dress Seductively To Church Can Be Compared To Murderers” – Pastor Bamiloye

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"Women Who Dress Seductively To Church Can Be Compared To Murderers" – Pastor Bamiloye

Nigerian pastor, Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Drama Ministry, has given a dramatic explanation to the fact that women who dress seductively to church, and why they can be compared to murderers.

According to the preacher, the intention of a woman who dresses seductively to church is purposely to court the fancy of men, spite others and attract sexual attention to herself.

In so doing, Pastor Bamiloye believes such an individual is on the verge of causing spiritual harm to others by acting as a catalyst to lure others to sin, therefore there are equal to murderers.

You dress seductively to church. You decided to dress “to kill”. You dance suggestively to worship songs. You purposely dance “To slay”. And truthfully, are you not an “hired assassin” in the church?” he wrote on Facebook.

Most single ladies who are search of suitors are desperately forced to put on attires that attract the attention to men to their beauty in a subtle bid to woo men who may be attracted to what they see.

Therefore, even in the church, they are unperturbed with their dress style so long as it would help them land a man of their choice…this, Pastor Bamiloye, believes is tantamount to murder.




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