Wonders shall never end: Slay queen spotted peeing in public like a man, looks around nervously to see if anyone is watching her- Watch

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A video of an unidentified lady urinating in public like a man has gone viral on the internet. 

Women biologically have to squat or go down and spread their legs if they want to pee while men just stand upright and bring their manhood to do the obvious.

In this video, however, the lady stood upright and brought out her ‘thing’ (honestly we have no idea if she’s a crossdresser) and peed for some seconds, while nervously scanning around to see if anyone is invading her privacy.

Predictably someone chanced on the strange spectacle and uploaded the footage on social media.

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Check out the video and explain to us what exactly is going on here in the comment section of our Facebook page.


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In other news making rounds on Ghbase.com, a Nigerian man has shared a lengthy post on social media detailing the lies and deceit that shrouds his wife’s personality.

The man, 32, said he was shocked to find out that his wife who he married in 2012 is not 29 as she claimed but 43-years old. He said he uncovered the truth about the woman’s real age through her cousin.

To add insult to injury, she also lied about being a virgin when in actual fact the man never made virginity a criterion when he was courting her.

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