I Won’t Apologise For Slapping My Bodyguard; In SM Slapping Is Part Of The Code & He’s Too Loyal-Shatta Wale Reacts To ‘Hefty Slap Video’

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We believe by now, you’ve watched the video where Shatta Wale slapped his own bodyguard for failing to do his job by allowing a fan to climb onto the stage while he was performing. If you’ve not watched it yet, go here to see it.

After Ghbase.com did the story, several people have shared their opinion on the story, and have said that they were disappointed in Shatta Wale and many asked him to apologise to the man he slapped in public.

Well, that apology would never come as Shatta Wale has revealed that, there’s nothing wrong with slapping his own bodyguard because it’s part of their SM code. (Yes, slapping when you don’t obey rules we hear is normal in the empire)

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If you watched the video you would realise that right after that slap, the rest of the SM guys on stage became very vigilant–Who wants to get a ‘Skrrrrrrrrrr’ slap?

Shatta Wale also added that his bodyguard would never grant any media interview because he (Biggie Sparta) is very loyal to him and the SM empire.

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See the Facebook post he made below:

Yes, so stop worrying yourself, Shatta Wale says the man he slapped understands the code—The slap is it your slap?

Who knows how many slaps the man has been taking already from Shatta? He’s used to it, perhaps!.

We wouldn’t even try to interview him because we can predict the sort of answers he would give.

Now let’s assume, we’ve gotten him on phone after the slap. ( Don’t take it literally oo)

Ghbase.com: Hello, Biggie Sparta, chale wey hospital you dey now? The slap Wale give you nu dierr, ebi wicked oo, your mask saf comot.

Biggie Sparta: Wey stupid question that? You this Ghbase.com people dema matter wey enor dey concern you sorrr you dey love dey talk. How ago dey hospital? I am home, that slap to me was normal.

Ghbase.com: Oh buh you know we are an entertainment and celebrity gossip site, so we dierr everything we go talk, we nor dey fear face buh we are asking because people are very worried about your state of mind right now.

Bigggie Sparta: Chale forget that thing, it’s in the past. The slap dier e go me buh small one p3 buh Wale be ma boss and in SM slaps dierr ebi normal. If you don’t do things right, the king can get angry and tell you his mind but if you are loyal, you would take it in good faith and make sure next time, you don’t do what he doesn’t like.

Ghbase.com: Okay, nice one boss! You do all. That be one thing we dey feel about the SM people. You guys are too loyal but see some slaps dierr efi make you dey get nightmares ooo.

Biggie Sparta: Chale, ebi you wey dem slap? Wale be ma guy, if he wan slap me 10x a day saf anor bore. Moreso after the show he talk me say na he nor mean am so make we forget everything and move on and he gave me some extra Ghc500 for being too loyal.

Writer’s Comment

I am of the opinion that Wale didn’t do the right thing by slapping him on stage. People don’t like to be rebuked in public but sometimes that is the best solution. They are his boys and they know him well more than us and know his do’s and dont’s and are also fully aware of the consequences.

In all of this, it’s one of those things that makes Shatta Wale stand out and has been able to garner soo many followers. Naturally, majority of people like the ‘no nonsense’ kind of people even if they won’t admit it publicly.

Take our former president JJ Rawlings for instance.

Anyways, share your thoughts with me on this in comments.

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