You Won’t Believe What Kumawood Actress Ellen White Said About Big Akwes For Asserting They Are Bonked!

Little did Akwesi Asamoah know that, he would be banned for alleging that some movie producers and actors sleep with upcoming actresses and even actresses who are already in the game before giving them roles to play in movies. The Kumawood actor popularly know as Big Akwes has been attacked by some colleagues ever since he made that revelation on television. Well, some people believe that his accusations were true, i mean, who does not know this, it happens in every business field, bosses who want to sleep with wome before giving them jobs, wihtout considering their skills. It’s not a new thing, but one Kumawood actress Ellen White disagrees with Big Akwes on the subject, she has reasons to believe that the actor was not in a good condition when he made those accusations on TV.

These are excerpts from what she said on Happy Fm when asked whether what big Akwes said was true or not

“I was surprised when I heard this accusation by Big Akwes. I’ve not experienced it so I don’t know the actress Big Akwes caught that he boldly came out to say that.”

“When someone is o TV making some wild allegations such as these, carefully look at the person’s actions he is portraying at that particular time. I don’t think Big Akwes is normal because a right person in his right senses will not sit on TV to make those allegations.”

“If you look at the person who made those allegations, does he look normal to you? Just look at how he was positioned and his style of talking, I’m not the one to tell you whether he was in his right sense or not. If you watched him carefully and you think he is normal, I’m sorry because he looked opposite to me”

She further challenged the actor to prove his allegation with facts for the bad nuts to be exposed.

“He should prove his allegations because for all I know, it doesn’t happen. He should come out to mention names if he has made this allegations for what he is saying is useless”

When Dr. Cann, host of the show asked if she has heard of a producer luring an actress to take advantage of her before giving her role, Ellen White answered that “I’ve not witnessed it with my naked eyes neither did I pass through that. Since I did not pass through that process, I don’t think anyone used that medium to attain his fame. Seeing believes so since I’ve not caught anyone in that act, then it doesn’t happen”

Well, you and i know some producers have been bonking these wannabe actresses, but it’s obvious most often these people, really do enjoy it themselves, so they don’t have a problem with that. They say, Walls have ears, so we know certainly, the whole truth will be revealed anytime soon.


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