‘I Won’t Change The Language I Sing In Because It Makes My People Have Belief In Me’-Fancy Gadam

Fancy Gadam has defied all odds to register his presence across the length and breath of the country with his brand of music. It’s rare to see a Northern-based artiste achieving that feat and that’s why the Total Cheat hit maker deserves all the praises coming his way.

Although he sings in his native language, Dagbani which is not widely understood, he has still been accepted by Ghanaians and according to him, he won’t swap it for Twi (the most widely spoken language in Ghana) or any other language.

He maintained that he is the selling point of his language and that is why the people believe in him and therefore he will continue to sing with his mother language since that is his identity.

He said:

I sing in two languages which are hausa and Dagbani. I won’t change the language I sing in because I am the selling point of my language and that is why my people believe in me. Maybe I will have to blend it with English but rejecting my language will not happen.

Fancy indicated that if he needs Twi in his song, he knows which musician he will rely on.