Saturday, March 28, 2020

“Words Can’t Describe How Happy I Am”– Tracy Sarkcess On Her Marriage To Sarkodie Plus More Photos From The Wedding

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We are not done yet, people! It was the wedding of the ‘Highest’ and there are about thousand pictures from the traditional and white wedding of Sarkodie and Tracy.

People want more pictures and will be serving more and more pictures because each picture is too beautiful to ignore.

The latest wife in the country, Tracy has even shared some of the photos on her Instagram and has expressed how happy she is to finally be married to her boyfriend after dating for more than 10 years.

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In one of the posts, she made on Instagram, she captioned it ‘Happiness’ —Yeah just that! Tracy is filled with soo much happiness that she can’t even find the right words to describe how she’s feeling.

Anyways, take a glance through the next batch of photos from the engagement and white wedding of Sarkodie and Tracy, now Mr. and Mrs. Owusu.

1. King Sark and his daughter Titi Sarkcess on the engagement day—Sark told her, I’m honoring your mom today by making her my wife ( I made that up ooo, but I’m sure he must have said something like that to

2. A Mother’s joy: A Picture of Sarkodie and his mother at his engagement

3. This is a rare photo of Sarkodie and his father at the engagement

sarkodie and his father at his wedding
Sarkodie and his father

4. Come here baby, I have waited sooooo looooong for this day

5. Wow, finally I made this good woman my wife—Sighs! Worth it

6.The King and his closest buddies in one shot

7.Tracy and her girls girls

8. Daddy, mummy and daughter

9.Fine woman Tracy

10. We’ve come a long way, now you are my wife—-Awwwwwwwww, my king Sark!

11. Sarkodie: Baby, tonight you have to give me that style oooo

Tracy: Say No More My King

12. Hey  Titi, your dad has finally married me–He kept his promise.

13. Tracy and Titi share a kiss

14. Ladies and Gentlemen, help me thank Tracy for marrying me

15. That moment Sarkodie performed a Kojo Antwi song for Tracy

16. Tracy: Thank you, thank you, I will always love you

17: Your daddy has now made me his wife—-We are going to be one big happy family

18. Words cannot describe how happy I am today

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