“Work On Yourself!” Erica Nlewedim Tells People Who Feel Somewhat Threatened By Her Growth

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The overly successful and famous former BBNaija reality TV star Erica Nlewedim has urged people to endeavour to work on themselves.

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Some people just feel unnecessarily uncomfortable with the success of other people in our world today.

And, rather than spend their energy trying to better themselves, they’d rather waste it talking about the ills of other people.

Celebrities including Erica Nlewedim get talked about a lot of times, and some of them have often been at loggerheads with most of these bitter people who find joy in talking about others.

For the reality TV star, it is just prudent to work on yourself if you feel someone is doing better than you are doing.

In a tweet, Erica Nlewedim admonished people to just work on themselves if they feel threatened by her success rather than chastising her all the time.

Her tweet was necessitated by the comment of a fan who expressed concern about some of the things that are normally said about celebrities.

Erica Nlewedim opined that, talking so much, and feeling so bad about a person means that they have become too big for you in that you can’t control them anymore, and so if you feel threatened by their success, working on yourself is the only way to overcoming that feeling.

To her, she is not going to remain stagnant because someone out there feels so insecure about her upward trajectory.

Erica Nlewedim wrote this in response to the fan’s concern:

Don’t mind them! people don’t like it when you grow because it means you are becoming too big for them to control.

if you’re threatened by my growth, u better get to work on yourself.

I’m not going to be stagnant because of anyone’s insecurities.

If this tweet triggers you- grow!”

Here’s a screenshot of her tweet;

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