Worlasi releases song for the #FixTheCountry campaign; titled “Message from tired people who’ve been lied to” [Video]

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Ghanaian singer Worlasi has released a song to support the #FixTheCountry campaign and he has strategically titled it “Message from tired people who’ve been lied to.”

This song is meant to amplify the suppressed voices of Ghanaians who are living in a messed up system that supports the aspirations of the rich but kills the dreams of the poor.

This song chronicles the sufferings of many Ghanaians which is evident in the breakdown of the education and health sector and how marginalized communities have been left to their fate.

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The concept of the song as articulated by Worlasi is not an attack on the government neither is it to score some political points but to put the issues that birthed the #FixTheCountry campaign into proper perspective.

Worlasi is known to churn out conscious music and this time, he did just that.

This is not a new single

This is not content

This is not a much video

This is not an attack

This is not politics .

This is a MESSAGE from tired PEOPLE who’ve been lied To. . Make a difference ENOUGH LIES

Check Out Video Below:

Meanwhile, Strongman has also released a song titled “Fix It” in support of the #FixTheCountry campaign.

Check out his video below:

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