World Cup 2018: The Football Jerseys You Love To Hate

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There is no denying that the essence of football lies in the actual playtime. Appearance does not really matter because it does not affect the quality of the game.

However, when the tournament it as huge as the FIFA World Cup 2018, every little detail matters. It is the ultimate clash of the countries and no aspect can be ignored, not even their jerseys. The players may not be in charge of the design, but they are sporting them, and so they automatically become worthy of our attention.

The Jerseys that Just Don’t Make the Cut

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As any sports bettor on would tell you, there is a lot at stake in the World Cup. For them, the players, the countries – everyone involved. And yet, when it comes to choosing a jersey, some teams did not seem to have paid as much attention as they should have.

In view of the World Cup 2018 which is to be held in Russia and is just a month away, we decode the football jerseys we love to hate!

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The check pattern is undoubtedly nice and makes for great apparel. But when it comes to Croatian jersey, it backfires somewhat because the design looks like a Sudoku puzzle or a chessboard which carries the symbol of Nike to increase the cool quotient.


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There is nothing wrong with the combination of white and red. In fact, it is one of the most loved duos of a large number of designers. However, the red diagonal stripe on the white jersey resembles something of a sash reminiscent more of a pageant than a football game.


We have nothing against yellow. It is a warm and sunny colour that can lift your mood in seconds. However, there is something called too much yellow and the Colombian jersey stands testimony to that. The bright yellow just does not fit the spirit of a football field, does it?


To be honest, the jersey does look aesthetic. The combination of red and green does not look bad, and even the metallic gold trimmings are a nice addition. But the jersey also looks more Christmasy than what a soccer player would want to wear when he is fighting for his country.


The dull green does not pair well with the pattern that covers almost the entire jersey in two different colours. It looks more like a sweater vest from the athleisure section than a football jersey.

That being said, it might just be a little more comfortable for their players on the field, so perhaps it was more of a strategic choice than an aesthetics one. We do hope it works out for them!

To be fair, footballers can rock whatever they wear. Moreover, jerseys are never a measure for talent and we wish all the teams the best of luck!

Now that you know about some of the jerseys you wouldn’t like as much, which team do you think has the most lovable jersey? Let us know in the comments below!