“Worst Thing To Spend Money On Is Alcohol”- L-Tido

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South African hip hop recording artist L-Tido has said that the worst thing to spend your money on is alcohol.

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It’s quite common to see people gathered in bars drinking away their tiredness after a hard day’s work.

While some do soft drinks, others go for the hard liquor for reasons best known to them.

In all this, a lot of money is parted with, some end up getting lost in it as they tend to drink themselves to stupor and can’t find their feet.

L-Tido believes alcohol is the worst thing to spend money on as there are better uses for your money instead of wasting it on the hard liquor.

L-Tido shared this thought on Twitter apparently to advice young men out there to prioritise other uses for their money rather than spending on alcohol.

“Alcohol might actually be one of the worst things to waste your money on. We drink all those bottles just to piss them out,” he wrote on Twitter.


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