WTF: Legon lady slaps boyfriend of her friend left, right and center with heavy slippers for cheating on her (+ video

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University of Ghana is trending again on social media for the wrong reason. Barely a week after the BBC exposé brouhaha, another footage has emerged online making the citadel become the talk of Ghana.

In a viral footage sighted by your favorite entertainment blog,, it captures a female student of Legon beating a boyfriend of her friend identified as Papa Kofi Owusu Kwarteng with heavy slippers.

The reason for beating the guy with the slippers is because he cheated on her friend for reasons best known to the guy. Y’all know that every guy has a distinct reason for cheating on his girlfriend.

The lady bragged that she’s a Gã lady and that she won’t allow the guy to give any unnecessary stress to her friend because since they started dating, all he brings her is stress.

To the surprise of many, the guy never retaliated. He kept quite as the lady kept on smashing the slippers on his head left, right and center. The weird thing is that the lady beating the guy is not even the real girlfriend. She’s the friend of the actual girlfriend ??‍♀

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