Why Wutah’s Reunion Is A Good Thing

The music duo has been reported of making a sensational comeback and I’m so happy about that it. The history with music groups breaking up and trying their luck as solo artistes has been disastrous and Wutah is no exception.

There is growing myth among lots of successful bands and groups that they can extend their popularity to their solo careers. As the time has proven, the telepathy exuded in a group doesn’t transcend to the scope of solo artistes. It is only Beyoncé and a few others who have proved their talent stick with them forever.

Wutah’s individual projects flopped, albeit Afriyie’s good attempt with Gaga and Love songs. Right from the moment they emerged from the Nescafe African Revelation, I knew these guys have the potential of being successful. They gained a huge recognition with their Anamontuo album which contained hits like Big Dreams,Goosey Gander and Adonko.

Afriyie was the first to hint of their comeback on Hitz FM to Dr. Pounds that he and his partner Kobby have decided to reunite for good. However few days before writing this piece, news emerged that the group are not coming back after all.

According to the report, Afriyie said he called his partner for Kotosa remix so they can shoot a video for it but Kobby accused him of threading that path because of his selfishness.

Afriyie took to his Facebook page to speak at length. He wrote: “I cannot promise that Wutah will come back together today or in the future but I promise that, with the support and prayers from my fans, I will continue to make good music.”

It’s my wish Wutah come back and dish out great tunes for their fans. Evidently they did well as a group and to think they have made their egos to erode their line of thinking is sad indeed.

Well I might be wrong but if they fail to make a comeback, they forever remain irrelevant in the music industry.


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