Xandy Karmel Angry As She Vows To Spill Truth Behind Her Marriage Rumors

Actress Xandy Kamel after harboring pains in her heart for a very long time is set to spill the beans because of anger and set things right saying the heart of an angry woman is dangerous.

Xandy Kamel a few days ago made a cryptic post warning a lady not to push her to the wall because if she decides to talk the world would know that the lady is a Jezebel and the fact that she has decided to keep quiet doesn’t mean she knows not of the gossip and rumors she’s been circulating.

In a recent post, Xandy Kamel has disclosed that it’s time for her to tell the truth for us to know the devil himself and his Jezebel apologizing ahead to those who called her asking her to keep her silence and not say anything about the whole issue.

According to Xandy Kamel, after sharing her side of the story, both the man and the lady will know that she has covered their stuff enough saying before they try to disgrace her, she will disgrace them asking them not to forget that they can’t shame the shameless as she apologize to all families that will be involved in this mess.

Xandy Kamel sounded furious and angry with her post and the fact that her silence has been taken for granted has made her want to spill the beans and disgrace all those who want to disgrace her and from the look of things, it’s not something small since families are involved.

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