Yaa Jackson Allegedly Using Her IG Verified Page To Sell Charms

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Yaa Jackson

Kumasi-based actress who also doubles as a musician, Yaa Jackson has been spotted using her verified Instagram page to sell love charms and other forms of aphrodisiac.

We are emphasizing on her ‘verified page’ because some unscrupulous people often create fake accounts using images of celebrities to carry out nefarious activities online which is why Instagram pages are verified for celebrities in order to clamp down on the menace.

But it seems it’s Yaa Jackson is the one doing the merchandise herself instead of promoting her songs or any feature in a movie.

She wrote in her recent post: “@ohemaa_products_ Our products are very effective. We have varieties of products. We have products for bonding, favor, Good luck, and attraction of men. Dm: @ohemaa_papabi_. WhatsApp/call 0248143309 @ohemaa_products_”.

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