Yaa Jackson Confirms She’s A Bad Girl And All Men Need Her In Their lives

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Kumasi-based actress, Yaa Jackson has confirmed the bad perception people have about her personality. She herself has said in a new post that she’s a bad girl, adding that it’s people like her that men added the most.

“You need guls like me. So you can point your finger & say: THAT’S THE BAD GUY‼️Got a surprise for anyone who’s ever been labelled #thebadgul 👑👅 stay tuned 💪🏾 💄👌👙👠🛍🎀🛒.”

The actress has been flaunting explicit photos on social media, a complete departure from the innocent-looking child actor we know to the ‘bad girl’ type.

She recently ventured into music with most of her lyrics woven along the same risque line that she represents her lately.


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