Yaa Pono’s Music Career Is Dead – Shatta Wale (+ Video)

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Somewhere February 2017, Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono dirtied themselves with series of diss songs. In the process, Yaa Pono released arguably the most popular diss song in the country dubbed “Gbee Naabu”, which literally means “Dog mouth” in Ga language.

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Although Shatta Wale on several platforms has acknowledged that “Gbee Naabu” helped him to stay relevant in the media. Regardless he has asked Ghanaians to desist from saying he has a big mouth which is in line with the literal meaning of “Gbee Naabu” as already explained.

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Shatta Wale who was calling for unity in the music industry via Facebook live said as far as Ghanaians continue to talk about his lips being big he will continue to make money out of their ignorance

He said “Stop being there and saying me I hate Shatta Wale and I don’t like his character. He has a big mouth. See Jay Z, he has a big mouth but he has money than your father and your father’s father. Is it only me who has a big mouth? This my small lips you are always saying Gbee Naabu”.

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Shatta Wale continued to throw a subtle diss at Yaa Pono by saying those who call him “Gbee Naabu” are walking failures. According to him the artiste who made them know that word is a failure because his music career is retrogressing at a faster rate.



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