Saturday, December 5, 2020

“Yes I’m Gay And Will Go To Hell And So What?” –Nigeria’s Bob Risky Officially Declares

Bob Risky, the popular Nigerian male barbie has officially come out to say that he’s gay after too many suspicions and allegations. Bob Risky has decided to officially admit he’s gay after he was slammed 2 days ago when he disclosed that he squirts for his bae.


Bob Risky in the post he made on IG, revealed that he’s gay and he’s tired of hearing the same words, that he would go to hell. See the post below:

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In another post, Risky says he doesn’t care whether you love him or hate him




“Fuck celebrity, fuck fake friends, fuck haters. Live your life to please yourself not anybody. If u like have 1billion followers I careless about that. Micheal Jackson was d top world ? celebrity den with so much followers. Biko where is he today? MKO was one of d richest man in Nigeria den pls where is he now. If u like love me or hate me is your business.d FACT still remain no one can make u happy only u can make urself happy ?”–Bob Risky wrote

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