YOLO Season 5: See beautiful photos of the 4 new SHS girls spicing up the Tv series

YOLO Tv series is one educational Television series that has come to stay. Aside from the educating aspect of it, it entertains and makes us aware of our adolescent and teenage life and its consequences.

YOLO Season 1-4 gave us beautiful scenes and one of them we cannot forget is when Cyril knelt down to propose love to Emily in front of their house.

We can’t forget George’s antics and how he spreads information across the neighbourhood. Drogba’s smartness in winning the girls and a whole lot.

Well, Season 5 is here and the new faces are not disappointing at all as the previous episodes have given us a fair idea of how engaging, entertaining and suspense actions the rest of the episodes carries.

Season 5 casts 4 new girls who are friends in SHS. Each one plays a role which thrills the audience. They are Tilly(Akosua Asieduaa Asare Brewu), the baddest amongst them, Ariana(Nana Ama Ampofoa Ababio), the girl crushing on her junior, Martha(Genevieve T. Obroni), the girl who has caught the attention of her teacher and Joyce(Emmanuella Quayeson), the fair girl always in the company of her friends.

They are really establishing themselves and hope they keep spicing the YOLO Tv series and also take their acting careers far.

Below are beautiful photos of them.

Genevieve T. Obroni(Martha)

Emmanuella Quayeson(Joyce)



Nana Ama Ampofoa Ababio(Ariana)

Akosua Asieduaa Asare Brewu(Tilly)


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