YOLO Season 5: What to watch out for in Episode 5

YOLO Season 5 promised of packed suspense and drama filled with lessons to learn from as it always did in the previous four seasons. Truth be told, they are living up to expectation and people are already enjoying every episode.

Episode 5 is set to drop tomorrow and here’s to expect.

The scene where she gave her junior the love letter

Ariana, the lady above who can’t stand the sight of her junior, Mark Anthony pens down a love letter to express her love for him but unfortunately for her, Mark who finds interest in playing for his school Basketball team rather focuses all his attention on the task to be selected for an upcoming match rather than replying the love letter written by Ariana.

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In episode 5, Ariana gets to talk to Anthony after Odenkyem(Junior Drogba) sent Mark’s reply to Ariana’s love letter without Mark’s consent.

YOLO Tv series Season 5 which is a sequel of the Ghanaian TV Series ‘Things We Do for Love’ has been waited for long after a successful Season 1-4.

The popular Ghanaian teenage Tv series advises and directs the youth concerning the challenges they face in their sexuality. A television series produced and directed by Ivan Quashigah.

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