You and I knew Stormzy, but how many people in Ghana actually knew him? – Arnold Asamoah Baidoo quizzes

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Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, has waded into the ongoing Yaw Tog and Stormzy comment brouhaha which has sparked endless debate on social media for the past days.

The debate surrounding Yaw Tog’s comment made in an interview with MzGee on TV3 about Stormzy some days ago always intensifies by the day and Arnold Asamoah explained why Yaw Tog didn’t err in his statement about the Uk rapper.

The Kumerican teen rapper in an interview with TV3’s MzGee claimed to have increased Stormzy’s popularity in Ghana but that didn’t sit well with entertainment critics who descended on the young rapper for being ungrateful.

According to Arnold, Yaw Tog did not lie about what he said in the interview taking into account the exact words he used.

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“Listen to the first statement he made, ‘he made me more popular in this market,’ I mean where is the lie, Stormzy is the bigger star, an international artiste, he has a larger audience, he has the biggest leverage, the biggest influence, so there’s no lie in that first statement that Stormzy made him more popular in this market,” he said on Joy FM’s Drive Time show.

“Let’s go to the second line, ‘I made him more popular here too because people didn’t know Stormzy,’ the emphasis is on more popular, the classification of the popular so there is an acknowledgement that Stormzy is popular in Ghana, the emphasis is on the more, again, where is the lie?” he continued, explaining the ‘Sore’ rapper’s statement.

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“You and I knew Stormzy, but how many people in Ghana actually heard Stormzy?” “And so if Yaw Tog claims he made him more popular, first and foremost, he has accepted that he was already successful, but he added some elevation to his popularity, and that’s a truth,” he told Joy FM’s Saminiwaa.

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