You are a liar, cheat and fraud, your name should be Toto D!ckhead – Kemi Olunloyo comes for Tonto Dikeh again

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Kemi Olunloyo has taken the fight to Tonto Dikeh and fired from all cylinders to deepen their newfound antagonism.

In a new post, the investigative journalist and chemist described the actress as a liar, cheat and fraud whose name should rather be Toto Dickhead.

Kemi’s post reads;

#enddrugabuseng #mentalhealthawarenessmonth

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RECEIPTS: I supported #TontoDikeh because she was the second person to donate to my prison fundraiser, something I now realize she did for clout. I lost a $5M business #hnnafrica and I even told her to defend herself against domestic violence. She claimed she witnessed a m3rder and its plan in an Abuja hotel. Tonto do you remember calling me up for two months on WhatsApp in 2018 ranting about how you almost k!lled Churchill with a g”n?

Ghana police said you were heavily drunk and even pointed the g”n at the houseboy and brother-in-law. You woke me up on WhatsApp call 4am daily for 60 days to chat about your domestic violence and my health remember? You were always over caring for clout.

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You were never genuine. Keep my children out of your mouth and focus on your son who’s life you have already RUINED and should be removed from your custody as he sees you smoking illicit drugs. Sadly I can’t pull up WhatsApp calls. They’re encrypted. You are a LIAR, CHEAT and FRAUD. Your name should be “Toto D!ckhead”

I hate liars. Get yourself together. Your continued drug use is disturbing. Get help and stop begging to be tested to be an ambassador. You’re not a role model or mentor. You’re a cloutchaser with no meaningful agenda in life. I’m only here to help you with the crackpipe you dropped at your business colleague’s office. Get your mental health in shape.Kemi Olunloyo PharmD 

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