You are a thief if you play church instruments and collect money – Pastor says

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A Nigerian cleric has stated categorically that instrumentalists who render their services to the church and demand remunerations are thieves.

Shockingly he lined up the instrumentalists in his church and prayed for them obviously to exorcise the ‘thievery spirits’ in them. The video below wields all the information per this report.

Meanwhile, check out the reactions that greeted the pastor’s controversial sermon.

citykeyz_ wrote; That’s the reason why they live the church and start singing for the world

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emperorentityclothinglimited wrote; Oga go and sit down 🪑. People leave their job and businesses then come to ur church ⛪️ to play instrument 🎷 🥁 🪘 🎻 🎺 while you collect tithes, seeds, vows, pledges and offerings and u don’t wanna pay the instrumentalists? Nwanne ibu nno ezigbote onye ara eke Awka

precious_shillings wrote: So how dem are they supposed to survive in a country where there are no jobs even the Bible said a worker must be paid his /her wages , same bible said the gift of a man makes way for him so wtf is he saying.


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