You Are Not Her Manager – DKB Threatens To Sue Poloo’s Manager For Humiliating Comments

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Poloo’s manager has been chastised by comedian DKB for tarnishing his image with his recent comments.

DKB, Akuapem Poloo’s godfather, wanted to raise funds for her to assist and help her family while she is away serving her sentence.

DKB’s generous act was said to be uninvited as Poloo’s manager came out to disregard what DKB was doing, causing a swarm of people to converge on him and taunt him on social media.

In a recent video, DKB responded to this tragic incident by slamming the manager of Poloo.

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According to DKB, the man posing as Poloo’s boss is not her manager, but rather an errand boy who has been assisting Poloo, and the two do not have any binding contract that makes the man her manager.

DKB also claimed that he would sue the man for defamation as a result of the man’s comments which humiliated him.

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