‘You blow cash frivolously and expect us to pay for this’ – Lydia Forson fires Gabby over E-levy failure

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In a letter to the administration, actress Lydia Forson said that the people had lost faith in the government because of their handling of the country’s issues since they came to power.”

E-levy isn’t bringing in as much money as the government had hoped, according to a series of tweets from Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko on Monday.

Concerning debt levels in the United States, he disclosed that it is only bringing in 10% of the predicted revenue.

The administration, according to Otchere-Darko, has to do more to boost investor confidence in the nation.

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Reacting to Gabby Asare Otchere-stance, Darko’s Lydia Forson said the administration has lost the people’s confidence.

She said that if the government had listened to the people of Ghana and not taken them for granted, it would have had their support in taking the necessary steps to guarantee that the economy recovered.

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“You underestimated Ghanaians yet again. If this were a listening & honest government many people would contribute to help save our economy. But we don’t trust you and that’s the problem! You can’t say we’re broke, yet spend frivolously and expect us to pay for this,” she said in a tweet.

Adding that “My fear is that our country is really broke, and until something is done immediately things are about to get even worse. But we don’t trust our leaders due to how they continue to spend our money; so solution they may have to save our economy will be met with resistance”.


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