‘You can choose to vote for NDC, I don’t care’ – Akufo Addo tells aggrieved Ghanaians

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Ghana’s incumbent president in the person of Akufo Addo has said that he is unconcerned by public statements from Ghanaians that they want to vote for the NDC in the next elections.

He claims that he is unfazed by his opponents’ bold statements and would continue to fulfil his obligations to the people of Ghana.

Akufo Addo responded to Ghanaians’ feelings on Otec FM in Kumasi, telling them they may vote for the NDC if they so want in the next election.

Some Ghanaians have expressed their displeasure with you and your administration by saying they would support the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the next elections if the roads are not improved.

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Akufo-Addo: I am not frightened by your threats. And I understand that they want me to help them out. Voting for the NDC is your business, but I won’t stop you if you insist on doing so. The decision is entirely yours, and you will not be compelled.

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As a result of the president’s remarks, many Ghanaians have expressed their displeasure. To them, Akufo-request Addo’s that people vote for the NDC if they so want demonstrates a lack of respect.


Following social media, below are some of the reactions from the camp pf netizens.

Nana wrote: “My opponents are saying I’m going round begging you to vote for me. Indeed the power is with you so if I want it I will beg you to give it to me” ~Nana Addo 2016 Today “3y3 woa was3m, those threats don’t frighten me” Give a man power and money, thank me later


Raheem wrote: This is simple, he’s already earned his 8years and that’s what was his goal, your well-being as a country does not move him so why won’t he say that?


Smart wrote: I watched the live interview and i was dismayed by the arrogance with wich he gave that response


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