You Can Smoke Anything, Eat Anything But If You Want To Be Successful In Life, Don’t Fvck Anything’ – Guru

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Rapper Guru has been using his twitter handle lately to dish out some thought provoking advises to his followers and it looks as though he has just finished a course in counselling!

Right on the the heels of the advise he gave to ladies yesterday when he said they should start a business to sustain their lives instead of spending all their time posting photos on social media, the Lapaz Toyota has come back with another one. Read more here…

This time round he suggested some people’s destiny could be messed up by their sexual partners hence they must be careful the kind of people they fvck.

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According to Guru, one cannot be successful in life if he wants to just anything that comes his way.

He tweeted;

”U can smoke anything, you can eat anything, but Bro if you wanna be successful don’t f*ck anything.“

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