‘You Can’t Afford Common ‘Gari’ Yet You Look Flashy On Social Media’- Lydia Forson Yells

Actress Lydia has dished out priceless a advice to people who go to any length to look flashy on social media but in reality are nothing close to what they often portray.

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Lydia is of the opinion that if these people can channel their resources into grooming themselves, they would have a better life.

She says it’s funny how most of them can’t even afford gari yet look so ‘fly’ all over the internet by investing all their time into their fake lives.

She said:”Social media. So many people spend money, time and energy trying to look “successful” on social media, but they can’t afford Gari… Imagine if you actually put those resources into making something of yourself. You’d rather “look” rich than be rich??”


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