You Can’t Be A Broke Man And Be Chasing After Big Bortos, Go And Work, Get Money And The Bortos Will Chase You – Comedian Teekay

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Ghana- Nigerian Comedian Teekay has dished out a piece of advice to his fellow men who are busily chasing women despite being broke.

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Teekay stated that he didn’t understand why a broke man will be chasing after a woman in the first place when he is supposed to be working hard looking for money.

He then advised his fellow men to make money and that women with nice “bortos” will start chasing after them.

He wrote: You can’t be broke and be a womanizer. As a broke man, your focus is to make money, invest and accumulate enough assets.

Infact when you make money women will do the chasing.I know some ladies will be like money can’t buy love but that’s a big lie and women knows this deep down within.

Money can’t buy true love indeed but every woman likes comfort.Pamper her with enough money and you get your true love.

Ask Lilwin if ladies were after him when he was poor🤣🤣. Poverty made him look like a rejected refugee🤭🤭🤣.

Today see his beautiful girlfriend. Take the money out and see if she’ll stay.

Las las make money, pray hard and God will reward you with a beautiful woman”.

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