You can’t be greater than Fela if you keep stealing his lyrics – Seun Kuti spits fire on Wizkid, Burna Boy 

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Seun Kuti has bared his teeth at some A-list artists in Nigeria and their huge fans who always try to put their favourite artistes in the same box as his late father, the legendary Afrobeat powerhouse Fela Anikulapo Kuti

In a post on his Instagram page, Kuti warned that no matter how many of Fela’s lyrics musicians steal, they can never be greater than him.

His post read: “I have warned many of u, many times to stop using your ancestors as a tooth pick, especially those that fought for u but your ignorance just won’t let u be so you can’t learn and that’s why you keep living a cursed life of criminality without direction, infatuation without love, present without future, and pleasure without control.

You are cursed to be indisciplined and you think you are having fun. These kids don’t know!!! #getthesax

You can’t be greater than that which you take from or steal from!

“Until Fela comes back from the dead and steals some of your favorites’ music, uses their lyrics the way they steal his lyrics and music, your comparison is null and void. Baba ni dads nje.”



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