You could not buy me a phone- Lady replies boyfriend after another man bought iPhone for him

In a leaked chat shared online depicting the conversation between two love birds, a lady was sighted warning her man not to reprimand her because she accepted gifts from another man.

She revealed to her boyfriend that the unidentified individual had given her a brand-new iPhone 13 and N450,000 so she could purchase new clothing.

In a WhatsApp conversation that recently went viral on social media, the woman reminded her boyfriend that the person was the friend she had previously mentioned to him.

He asked her why she was telling him about the gifts that another man had given her, as well as whether he was aware that she was in a relationship.

She answered by encouraging her boyfriend to calm down and reminding him that he was just a friend.

She continued by saying that she knew her partner couldn’t provide for her, so she decided to accept the iPhone and money from the man.



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