“You Deserve Good S.3x Even If You Are 50 And Above” –  Pastor Shola Adeoye, Advises Older People Who Are Single To Marry

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American based Nigerian pastor, Shola Adeoye, has advised people above 50 to remarry and enjoy their lives

The founder of Lighthouse Church said older people deserve to have good s*x at age 50 and above.He then advised those who are single or divorced to give love another chance and marry again.

He said, ” let me tell you, you deserve some good s*x @50 and above. Nothing should get in the way of your enjoyment. If you are single based on divorce, think about getting remarried again. You deserve to smile again and be happy”.

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Most people who have reached such ages often feel too old to be in relationships. They end up alone and lonely till death comes knocking on their door.


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