You Don’t Become Successful By Stealing Government’s Money- Cheddar Shades Kennedy Agyapong and More

The aspiring Presidential candidate for the New Force Movement, Freedom Jacob Caesar, has subtly thrown shades at government officials.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Graphic, ‘the man behind the mask’ has told successful politicians not to be proud of themselves.

According to him, these government officials use state’s money meant for developmental projects for their own gluttony.

He claims he is never proud of such people.

“There are Ghanaians that are doing well. The question is, are they doing well because they are entrepreneurs, or are they doing well because the government wants them to do well? If that is the case, we are not going to have the industrial leaders that we need, commercial leaders that we need, or political leaders that we need”, he said.

We need stronger people who are self-made, not someone that has been built over state money. Stealing your own country’s money and calling yourself a successful person, I’m not proud of you and I’m not proud to be one of them and I don’t want to be, I’m not interested that’s why I keep telling you that my spirit is evolving around the likes of Kwame Nkrumah and those kind of leaders. It is not in our interest to use the state to make money for ourselves,” he added.

Some People In Government Are Trying to Disgrace Me- Cheddar Cries

Yesterday, made a publication that Nana Kwame Bediako, better known in the showbiz circles as Cheddar is in a hot soup as the Ghana Revenue Authority is chasing him for some unpaid taxes.

The source indicated that an estimated total of taxes evaded by the business mogul has surpassed 7 million Ghana cedis.

Another news about Cheddar’s involvement in credit card fraud and being jailed in London also went viral on social media.

Well, Cheddar in a viral video has falsified all the allegations levelled against him.

According to him, some people in the government are trying their best possible to disgrace him so that if possible, he will resign.

Cheddar revealed that nothing can stop him from becoming the president of the county; not even the allegations levelled against him by some people in the government.

He claims being a businessman in Ghana for about 22 years, he does his best possible to pay all his taxes so reports that he has not been paying taxes should be swept under the canopy.

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