“You Don’t Even Pay For Your Boys At Food Joint Yet You Come On Social Media To Inspire” – A Lady Blasts Sarkodie For Being Stingy

To please the people living in the land of Africa especially my motherland, Ghana is damn difficult. If you’re broke, people will tag you as lazy and when your’re rich, another headache as you’ve to give financial clearance to family, friends and acquaintances as in the case of rapper Sarkodie.

The above-mentioned rapper is damn rich according to Forbes but people not excluding his neighborhood fans who have had the opportunity to hangout out with him keep saying in still small voice that Sarkodie is nothing but very stingy. Although they can’t voice it out openly but finally, one lady has been able to call a spade a spade.


It all started on yesterday, November 12, 208 when Sarkodie thought it wise to leverage on his mass following on social media specifically Twitter to talk about the state of Africa. In a series of tweets, the SarkCess Music CEO aired his displeasure with certain developments on the continent.

He touched on neo-colonialism and oppression, while suggesting that Africa may need dictatorship to create its own identity.

“What we need at this point might seem like dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal [sic] freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive,” Sarkodie wrote.

Fast forward, a twitter user who might have had a stint with Sarkodie sometime ago decided to digress a bit and tell the rapper to indirectly put a stop to his hypocritical Africanism inspirations on Twitter because he can’t preach virtue and practice vice.

“Lol Coming from a guy who doesn’t pay for his guys at the omotuo session with the boys despite his status; I’m not surprised!”

According to the twitter user, Sarkodie is stingy to the extent that he can’t afford to pay for his boys after dining with them at food joints perhaps somewhere in Tema. Therefore, with his stingy attitude, enough of the Africanism inspirations for no one needs it.

Check out the screenshot below:

A lady blasts Sarkodie over his stingy lifestyle

Source || Adu Sarpeah || GHBase•Com ||


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