‘You don’t have good taste if you think I’m ugly’ – Lydia Forson

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Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, has stated that she will never understand those who verbally assault her on social media by claiming she is unattractive.

She claims that she has a strong conviction in her own attractiveness and that anyone who can not perceive it clearly has a problem with taste.

She further stated that such trash talks do not disturb her because she finds such remarks amusing.

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“Lol. I will never understand how people think calling me ugly will hurt me. I mean not everyone has good taste, so why would your poor taste hurt me?”, Lydia Forson wrote.

After a Twitter fan remarked he wasn’t wowed by her attractiveness when he met her in person, the seasoned actress made this remark.

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The follower stated that she is unattractive and that her social media photographs tricked him.

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