You don’t need a sensible song to be nominated for the Grammys – Tulenkey explains

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The intense debate about Ghanaian artistes missing out on prestigious awards schemes like Grammys has been intensified after the release of the 2022 Grammy Awards nominations.

Although Ghana’s Rocky Dawuni ‘pulled one’ for the country- the penchant of Ghana artistes not making a mark on the international market with their craft to merit such nominations and possible wins have superseded the discourse.

Against this backdrop, rapper Tulenkey has offered his perspective about the narration and insisted it’s not sensible songs that get the nod at the Grammys as some people are throwing into the discussion.

In an interview with Y 97.9 FM’s Nana Quasi-Wusu (PM) during the ‘Dryve of your Lyfe’ show, Tulenkey disclosed that an artiste did not need a meaningful song to make a Grammy nomination, but needed a good record label and good plugs.

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“I wouldn’t say we don’t produce meaningful songs. However, you don’t need a meaningful song to be nominated for the Grammys, there are a lot of things involved, the record label you are signed on to and the plugs you have before the music itself,” he explained.

To reinforce his stance further, Tulenkey cited Burna Boy from Nigeria mentioning that his Grammy success was a result of his affiliation to a known and powerful record label in the Global music fraternity.

“Burna Boy was preaching against big record labels and got nominated for the Grammys but did not win the award. He signed under P Diddy’s record label the next year who promised him a Grammy award and the world music album and he got it. So, we shouldn’t be fooled it’s not all about the songs, he added.

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