“You Don’t Respect Your Mother & Sleep In Hotels”–Shatta Wale Slams His Baby Mama Michy

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Now we don’t even know what to make of all of these recent developments in the Shatta camp. When the news broke that they were no longer dating, we thought it was one of their publicity stunts but the way things are turning out, it’s no longer funny.

In a new post the dancehall king made on Snapchat she slammed his baby mama, Michy and accused her of sleeping in hotels—We don’t know what exactly he wanted to land at but there have been rumours that Michy sleeps with other men as well, so Wale’s own statement, adds some weight to the rumours.

He also said Michy does not respect her mother and all efforts by her mother to help her resolve the problem has failed and in the audio Wale posted, a voice is heard, which is Michy’s mum speaking on phone with Shatta Wale.

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Michy & Shatta Wale

“I’m very tired, I have done my best as a mother, if she wants to mess up, that’s her own problem,  if she doesn’t respect her mother, that’s her life”

See the screenshot from that audio below:

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Shatta Wale accuses Michy of sleeping in hotels


Now Listen to the audio below:

Another screenshot, in which Shatta Wale accuses Michy of doing drugs

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