“You Don’t Wear Seventy Percent Of What’s In Your Wardrobe, Give Out Your Old Clothes”- Man Advises

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A generous Naija Twitter user has advised people to make it a habit to give out their old clothes to others who might be in need of them.

According to the man, we do not wear 70% of the clothes in our wardrobes and so it is important that we make it a habitual action to give out the old clothes.

He stated further that since we aren’t going to be wearing them in the future as we aren’t going to lose weight, it is imperative that we just give them out.

“Normalise giving out your old clothes. Stop letting your stocked wardrobe deceive you. You don’t wear 70% of what’s in there. And no, you will not be wearing them in the future. No. You will not be losing weight. GIVE THEM AWAY,” he wrote using the Twitter handle @Hartng.

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