“You have questions to answer” – Police invite lady for interrogation for alleging that her father was killed by the police for having video evidence against them

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A lady named Naa Judith may face prosecution for what may be described as wrong allegations brought against the Ghana Police Service.

According to this lady, her father was killed by some individuals who paraded themselves as Police Officers. According to her, her father was shot at because he had in his possession video evidence of police brutality.

Naa Judith shared photos of the incident where robbers allegedly broke into his father’s house, fired shots sporadically and ended up killing him. She fumed condescendingly at the spate of police brutality ongoing in the country.

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Well, the information shared by Naa Judith came to the attention of the Ghana Police Service who replied and asked that Naa Judith makes herself available for police interrogation which may lead to possible prosecution.

According to the police, they had carried out an operation at a similar place shared by the lady and ended up shooting one of the armed robbers. Therefore, if Naa Judith is saying that her father was hit by the police, then it presupposes that her father was the alleged robber the police shot at that night.

Since the entire accusation and counter-accusation look sketchy, the police have invited Naa Judith for further interrogation. She may be liable to prosecution based on how the interrogation will go.

As to whether her father was the alleged robber the police shot at or not will be determined in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, Ghanaians are divided about the entire issue. While some agree with the lady others think the police may be right.





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