You Have Summer Body But You Don’t Have Summer Money – Cubana Chief Priest Taunt Men Wasting Time At The Gym

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Nigerian businessman, Cubana Chief Priest has thrown shades at Nigerian men who have six-packs but no money for summer .
He stated that he is having a nice time outside of the country snubbed those with summer bodies who can’t get past a bar beach.

Sharing a photo from his vacation on Instagram, the overweight socialite who appeared all relaxed wrote;

You Have Summer Body But You Don’t Have Summer Money No Be Juju Be That. How & Where You Wan Go Show The Body. Hustle Oh !!!! Make Your Summer Body No End For Bar Beach As You Dey Hustle For Better Body No Forget To Get Plenty Money.”

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Meanwhile, some celebrities like Davido who used to have a pot belly has decided to get a summer body by working out despite having “summer money”. This somewhat makes me believe that having ” summer money doesn’t mean you can’t have a summer body. What do you think of his assertion?

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