You leave your sins to crucify Hajia4Real,Hypocrites! – Ayisha Modi goes hard on critics

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Ayisha Modi, a self-described philanthropist and music industry insider, has intervened in the widespread debate over Hajia 4Reall’s alleged participation in a $2 million romance fraud.

Ayisha Modi supported Hajia 4Reall in a live TikTok session and chastised Ghanaians for being celebratory and contemptuous of her after her detention.

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Ayisha Modi slammed those who rejoiced over Hajia 4Reall’s woes in a viral video, calling them nasty souls.

“Hajia4Real is someone’s daughter. Whatever she has done has got nothing to do with you. If God will judge Hajia4real, He won’t use Hajia4real’s sin to judge you. Yet you’ll leave things in your home and your family and come out to speak on the sins of others. Why are we so evil and negative-minded? Can we compare what Hushpappi did to Hajia 4 Real??,” she quizzed

The Ghanaian musician and social media influencer also known as Mona Faiz Montrage has been repatriated from the United Kingdom to the United States on allegations of swindling over $2 million

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Hajia4real is facing allegations of duping older, single American men and women in a disturbing lonely hearts scam, federal prosecutors announced on Monday, May 15, 2023.

During the court proceedings, she entered a plea of not guilty. It has been confirmed that she will be released in the upcoming days upon posting a $500,000 bond.


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