“You Need 10 Years Of Experience In A Stable Relationship Before Qualifying To Dish Out Relationship Tips Online”-Wole Ojo Says

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Nigerian actor Wole Ojo has kind of vented his anger on people parading themselves as relationship experts online.

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He believes that there are just so many people, whom he called ‘broken and single idiots’ dishing out relationship tips online for fun.

Wole Ojo has thus set a standard of qualification for people who want to continuously give relationship tips to other people.

For him, to qualify, you need to have experience of a very successful relationship where you will have no issues for at least ten years.

He added that if you have had a horrible relationship, it is not proper to come and spew what he calls ‘bitterness’, but rather share your horrible experience so that people will learn from it and do better.

Wole Ojo wrote on Instagram;

“be successful at it 1st! At least over 10 years then come back and talk! And if yours was horrible, share a humbling experience to educate people on how not to do it, not come online to spew bitterness! I SAID WHAT I SAID.”

With this standard set by Wole Ojo, many of these self-styled relationship experts on social media need to stand aside because a lot of them have no history of a relationship that has recorded no issues at all for ten years.

Below is the Instagram post by actor Wole Ojo;


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