You Need More Than Love to Keep Your Relationship Running – Yvonne Afare

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Yvonne Afare, a businessperson and self-employed marketer, has proclaimed that individuals should desist from entering into relationships if their families are not in support because of differences in ethnicities. This is because, in her opinion, loved is not enough to keep a relationship going.

Contributing to the topic ‘Should tribal differences affect relationships’ on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes with Mercy Bee as the host, she advised people to go where they are appreciated and not tolerated.

“Love is never enough when it comes to a relationship because it consists of two social backgrounds, so once you become self-centered and your feelings are at play, you end up getting hurt”, Yvonne said.

To buttress this, she spoke about how two people she knew who ignored the disapproval from their families and got married solely for the sake of love. Eventually, they divorced because the love they felt was not enough to save their marriage.

“If you realize that both parents are not willing to co-exist with you, it would be better to end it. It will be very difficult for you to end but like I always say, love is not enough and will never be enough. You will get irritated, you will get fed up and a whole lot so once you’re not ready for the aftermath, you should ease yourself of it as soon as you start seeing the red flags”, the businesswoman added.


Source: eTV Ghana

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