You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit before going to Kwame Nkrumah Circle – Jacinta

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Stand-up comedian Jacinta Asi Ocansey has shared her sad experience about the dreaded Kwame Nkrumah Circle, insisting one must be anointed with the Holy Spirit before stepping foot there.

The comedian and cum singer claims that before relocating to Ghana, she thought that Nigeria was the “baba” of criminal activities, but that she soon realized that we all do crimes; the way that we do it only differs.

We adhere to Nigeria’s policies, according to Jacinta, with the difference that we are adept at maintaining composure.

Sharing her sordid experience with former rapper and member of the formidable rap Akyeame, Okyeame Quofi on Angel Drive on Angel FM, Jacinta said, “I got robbed. My friend advised me to go to Circle to buy a new phone. When I got there I told them to give me an iPhone.

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“The beautiful thing is that they would check that everything is working. The battery is working, the phone is working, everything is working until you get home. When I pulled out my iPhone, the two hands with Nokia came out…so I was like wow…”

Jacinta added that as she was expressing shock at the incident, somebody told her she was fortunate they didn’t give her a bar of soap instead.

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The beautiful entertainer has performed in top Comedy Shows in Ghana and Nigeria. These include Comedy Night with Buchi (Lagos), Shakara and the Gang (Lagos), Comedy Express, Girltalk, Laughline, Live Comedy Thursdays, Lord of the Ribs, Easter Comedy Show, DKB Live, DKB Point of View, Akwaaba UK Comedy Night, Comedy Bar, Silverbird Comedy Night, Corporate Comedy Series, MMC Live among a host of others.


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