You never came back since 2015- Mzbel reminds Joy Daddy Industries

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Mzbel has reminded Mr. Manfred, CEO of Joy Daddy Industries that she is still available for endorsement after he recently revealed how ungrateful some artists recruited as brand ambassadors have been.

The CEO of the alcoholic beverage company recently claimed that some popualr musicians who served as his ambassadors owe him money since they didn’t fulfill the terms of their contract.

He asserted that these superstars, especially Daddy Lumba, have not returned the affection he once given them despite the support he gave them.

“When you introduce your brand and tell them to post on their social media pages, they will tell you to sign a contract with them. Those times we had over twenty artists on one platform, yes. Many of them owe us.”

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He added: “Some of the celebrities we have helped in Ghana are here. I am not saying this without any backing. We helped a lot of celebrities when they were in crisis, but none of them have spoken about it and we live for it. Yes, I am saying this with all seriousness. When some celebrities had their market go down. Joy Industries as a company, as a corporate entity, had them on so many shows.”

Mzbel who was once associated with the Joy Daddy brand has reacted to the outburst made by Mr Manfred. The tweet sighted read: “Dear Joy Daddy, you never reached out to me again since 2015 after you stopped me from promoting your brand because of FDA blah blah blah… I reached out to u several times recently when my dad passed but I was ignored and you didn’t show up… no hard feelings though.”

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In a separate post she pledged her support to the businessman. “I’m still your Ga Adangbe sister u can count on me anytime.”



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