“You took wrong figures from the NPP” – Former TV3 staff Bridget Otoo ‘exposes’ the station for churning ‘fake’ election figures [Video]

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"You took wrong figures from the NPP" – Former TV3 staff Bridget Otoo 'attacks' the station for churning 'fake' election figures [Video]

Former staff of TV3 Bridget Otoo has launched a social media exposè on the station for what she describes as the churning out of fake election results to favour the governing party NPP.

According to Bridget, who is an unapologetic sympathizer of the NDC, the election figures which TV3 based their confidence on to project President Akufo-Addo as the winner of the December polls were fake.

In series of videos shared on Twitter, Bridget Otoo said TV3 and their managers failed to do a professional job and were compromised by the NPP to produce election figures that favoured the party but were not the actual outcome.

“When you make a mistake own up and apologize. A station like TV3 must know better and do the right thing…the election figures as produced by the station are not factual; they are all lies.”

“The manager who calls the shots does not know production. Some of the workers at TV3 were compromised and were taking figures from the NPP.”

This action by Bridget Otoo has been necessitated following reports that some media houses including TV3 churned out fake election figures which did not reflect the true numbers at the polling stations.

Following that the TV3 network issued a statement to explain their action and why they believe the numbers they produced were factual and not erroneous.

Meanwhile, the 2020 presidential candidate of the NDC John Dramani Mahama has said he is not going to accept the election results as presented by the EC unless the election figures are independently audited and verified.

Read Some Responses She Received From The Public Below

@nanamillz wrote: You are admonishing someone and in the process opening yourself up for legal repercussions. You stating emphatically that they took their numbers from NPP and am sure you are ready to prove this assertion if they take you up. Don’t hurt yourself with bitterness.

@adde_asiwaju wrote: There are 38,000 polling stations in Ghana, how many journalists do stations have to be deployed to each station to get the figures during counting, it easy to sit back and criticize when u not on the ground

@ravi_000 wrote: hmm @Bridget_Otoo Pls they’ll come for u oo.. I’m scared for u guys oo.. Now when u speak the truth they’ll pick u up.. Just as the Power FM radio presenter


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