You were not voted into power to compare and contrast – Lydia Forson jabs Vice President Bawumia (Screenshot)

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Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Lydia Forson who is very well known to be outspoken especially when it comes to matters affecting the country has taken a swipe at Vice President Mahamoud Bawumia for his latest comments about former president Mahama.

Dr. Bawumia had shared a tall list of things he claimed his government had achieved which Mahama’s did not.

However, the actress believed that the vice president’s action was unnecessary.

She was of the opinion that the current government must focus on delivering on its promises rather comparing and contrasting itself with the former government.

Among Bawumia’s list are taxes, power outages, inflation, port activities, passport office and others.

He termed his list “Dropthehypocricy” against the former president.
Lydia Forson who was obviously not happy with the vice president’s list asked him oh her twitter page whether he was voted into power to compare and contrast or to work for the country.
” Were you voted into power to come and compare and contrast?

As for your matta eh , no be today. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
#DroptheHypocrisy”. She wrote.

Perhaps, Miss Forson felt the vice president was not being entirely truthful about his assertions.

For instance, he claimed emphatically that there is no “dumsor” now, while saying there was dumsor during Mahama’s time. But the reality on the ground that there is currently “dumsor”, and a warning has been sent that it is going to be severe due to huge debts owed by PDS.
Read tweet below;

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