“You will never know when and If I’m married. I do not overshare on social media” Delay

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Top interviewer and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manso a.k. a Delay, has blocked all our ways of knowing what goes on in her life

Delay is so good at her job that she easily squeezes information out of people. Celebrities on her show always reveal what they’ve been hiding for so long without even realizing but Delay has made it clear to the public that nothing we do will make her share her private life with us

A ‘fan’ told Delay to marry because time is running fast. She replied saying he shouldn’t stress it because even if she is, he wouldn’t even know

We are not her family members so she sees no reason why she should take us down the path of her private life..

Delay never posts her man and no one ever has pictures, all we have are rumours that have never been confirmed. The only time we get to know about her is when she willingly shares information to empower people or when she has something new coming up

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